Bird Survey - 9'th May 2009

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Published on Monday, 02 July 2012 22:43
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We surveyed the area as in quarter 1. That is taking in birds seen or heard up to the top of the surrounding

banks and to the stepping stones at the northern end.

Birds flying over were not included, unless clearly using the area.

Weather conditions:

Breezy, partly sunny, temperature 7 zero degrees centigrade when we started at 7am (ended 8.15am).

Birds present in alphabetical order:


Blackcap – singing (Summer visitor)

Chaffinch – singing

Chiffchaff – singing (Summer visitor)

Crow, Carrion

Dove, Stock

Dunnock – singing


Greenfinch - singing








Tern, Common - (Summer visitor)

Tit, Blue

Tit, Great - singing

Tit, Long-tailed

Warbler, Garden – singing (Summer visitor)

Warbler, Sedge – singing (Summer visitor)

Warbler, Willow – singing (Summer visitor)

Whitethroat – singing (Summer visitor)


Wren - singing 


The most significant find, in our opinion, was the large number of Whitethroat seen, estimated

at 10 territories. Clearly the habitat is perfect for this species. The Whitethroat population

crashed due to droughts in the Whitethroat's wintering grounds in the Africa. Since then their

numbers have been slowly recovering but is reported as still only a fraction of the pre-crash


The Garden Warbler whilst common, were good to see and prove the value of preserving the habitat

of Iremongers Pond.

Hunting over pond the were two Common Tern, regularly coming back for food, and a Sparrowhawk,

mobbed by the Carrion Crow.