Faccilities & Wildlife


With the completion of stage 3 of the development we can now offer an all-weather (except for flooding) wheelchair and

pushchair accessible path all the way round the pond.

Please Note : in the winter months the bridge over the channel, at the northern edge of the path, may

become flooded but this is usually only for a short time.

The paths are of a gravel construction and so provide adequate grip for most chair users although the initial

access ramp may be a little steep for some.

There are 4 rubbish bins situated at the corners of the pond path and we would ask all users to use these,

but better still take your rubbish home with you as volunteers empty these bins on a regular basis.





Some details of the wildlife you can expect to see at the pond can be seen on the two notice boards we have.

One is situated on the access path, at the top of the flood embankment nearest the Ferry Inn and the other

can be found adjacent to the benches at the South East corner of the pond.

Some pictures we have collected from round the pond can be found in the categories below,

but we always welcome new images or just names of things found from around the pond,

sent to us by visitors and members.

Birds :

Click on the headings to see examples of the bird-life photographed on and around the pond,

eg. Swans, Moorhens, Great Crested Grebes, Tufted Ducks, Mallards Kingfisher, Cormorants, Herons


Our special thanks to Alison Hall & Nick Blinston for undertaking the bird surveys on behalf of the group,

these give users of the pond an insight to the different species of bird that use the pond

and it’s surroundings.

        Bird survey 1 - 8'th February 2009

        Bird Survey 2 - 9'th May 2009

        Bird Survey 3 - 26'th September 2009

        Bird Survey 4 - 7'th March 2010


Fish : Again Click on the heading to see examples of fish caught in the pond, together with dates.

Amphibians : Smaller animals are harder to photograph, but click on the headings to see some examples seen

around the pond together with some cue-cards which give an indication of what can be found

eg. Newts, Frogs.

Insects out of the pond : Dragonflies, Damselflies, Butterflies, Ladybirds

Insects in the pond : see our cue-cards

Plants and views : Bull Rushes, Hawthorn, Oak, Walnut, Willow

        Flora Survey