Local Links

Here we can list other groups in the area that may have connections with the Pond Group.

Wilford Community Group http://www.thisiswilford.org.uk/community_group.htm from which our group was formed.

The Ferry Inn Local restaurant and Bar only a few metres away - http://www.chefandbrewer.com/pub/ferry-inn-wilford-nottingham/p1184/

Wilford "C of E"  Church - www.wilford.org/church/

The "Harvester" another Restaurant and Bar in Wilford - www.harvester.co.uk/harvesterwilfordnottingham

South Wilford Church of England Primary School - www.southwilford.nottingham.sch.uk/


The Changing Village Of The English Village Of Wilford - www.proweb.co.uk/~roymat/wilfordm/wilfordm.html