Albert Iremonger - history

Early life


Albert Iremonger was born in Wilford, Nottinghamshire on 15 June 1884. He was the younger brother of James Iremonger.


Footballing career


Although Iremonger never played at an international level, he was widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of his time and is a local legend in his home county of Nottinghamshire. It is also believed Iremonger was the tallest player in the league at the time, measuring 6 ft 6 in[1]


Notts County


Albert Iremonger signed for Notts County from local minnows Notts Jardines, making his debut against Sheffield Wednesday on 1 April 1905. In total he made 564 appearances for the club (making 222 consecutive appearances which ended in suspension) and holds the club record for this. Spending 21 years with the club, he totalled 37 FA Cup appearances over 22 seasons before leaving the club to join Lincoln City.


His exceptional performances for the club earned him a Football League cap in 1912. As a testament to his character and legendary status within the community, a road behind the club grounds was named for him. It is still said amongst Notts County fans that he had "hands like the claws of a JCB".[2]


Lincoln City


Albert Iremonger signed for Lincoln City aged 42, becoming their oldest ever player. Although he was a short-term signing, he made 35 appearances for the club from 1926 to 1927.




Iremonger was well noted for his outspoken nature on the football pitch, which led to the end of his 222 consecutive appearances for Notts County. He would often leave his goal-mouth to argue decisions made by match officials sometimes situated in the centre of the pitch.[3]




Whilst playing for Notts County against Arsenal in 1912, he wasted time sitting on the ball in the middle of the game. The referee tried various things, the last hope was to scare him away with a firework but the game was abandoned.


Cricketing career


Iremonger played county cricket for Nottinghamshire, his career spanning between 1906 to 1910. He played with a right-handed batting and bowling style.




Albert Iremonger and his wife Margaret Iremonger fathered Albert Harvey Iremonger in 1920, who went on to become a Sergeant-Pilot in the RAF. He was killed in action on 14 July 1943, aged 23.[4]


Later life


Much later on in his life, during the 1940s, Iremonger was the landlord of the Cremorne[1] in The Meadows Nottingham and later The Ferry Inn Wilford before his death on 9 March 1958.