July 2018 : You may have heard in the news but Iremongers Pond have been awarded a GREEN FLAG AWARD for the 7'th year running

April 2017 : Pond restocking - We have introduced 10 breeding pairs of Tench.

These will take a while settling in but should be a welcome addition to the pond.

Shortly to be introduced : CRUCIAN CARP.

In the next few weeks to months we will be introducing 100, 4 to 6 inch (10 to 15 cm) CRUCIAN CARP. These are pure bred English fish and are a lovely butter gold colour. They feed both bottom and mid water, they are very shy feeders and small baits will be a must if you want to grace your net with one. They can grow in excess of 4 lbs in weight.

   Mark Taylor 20lb 8oz Mirror Carp 20'th June 2014

Richard Clay with 15lb mirror carp - 1'st July 2012

 21lb Common Carp - Charlie Carwyn - April 2011

 Chris Young - Aug 2010

 15lb 6oz Peter Lawrence -Sept 2010 - 16lb Common Carp 

 21lb Common Carp - Peter Lawrence - Aug 2010


 20lb Common Carp - Daniel Robinson - April 2007

 25lb Common Carp - Peter Lawrence

  Daniel Robinson

 5lb 12oz Tench - Julian Taylor - April 2010

   Lloyd Coxon - Tench 4lb 11oz

 Daniel Robinson

 Tench - April 2010

 Daniel Robinson

 2lb 14oz of silvers - Julian Taylor - Aug 2010