Who we are.

Iremongers Pond and the surrounding area is managed by the “Iremongers Pond Association” (IPA) and from the 1'st of April 2022 angling in the pond is controlled by "Iremongers Pond Fishing Club".

The group was first formed around October 2007 when the Environment Agency contacted Wilford Community Association. Under their Flood Alleviation Scheme they intended to link the pond to the River Trent by a short channel to provide an additional buffer for flood waters in those rare events.

Their original efforts to contact the lease holders via the City Council, drew a blank as the “Nott’s Anglers Association” had vacated the pond a few years earlier. Since then the pond had fallen into disuse and had become a dumping ground for all kinds of rubbish.

At this point a few local residents were contacted by the Community Group to ask if they would consider forming a group to oversee the development and management of the pond.

That’s where the IPA started in early November that year. We quickly formed a small team of about 6 and made the necessary arrangements to create an independent association but still closely linked to the Wilford Community Group.

We entered into discussions with the Environment Agency and negotiated practical improvements (see Development Stage 1) to reopen the pond to both anglers and other visitors.

Along the way with the help of funding from several sources, we have been able to develop and improve the pond and are now able to offer up to 18 properly formed fishing pegs, all accessible from the now circular path that surrounds the pond.

We now hold the lease of the pond from the City Council and are able to offer fishing rights by  annual membership only details obtained from Head Bailiff Adam Williamson 07768725292.

The pond has been recognized by several local, regional and national awards.

We have many new developments in mind and are constantly developing and maintaining the site for all users.

Where we are.

Iremongers Pond can be found on the south bank of the River Trent, directly south of the centre of Nottingham City Centre in the Village of Wilford, at the junction of Main Road and Coronation Avenue.

The pond can be easily accessed from the new "Wilford Village Tram Stop" with the Ferry Pub one one side and the pond on the other.

Situated in a quiet loop of the river, access can be gained by walking from the city over the Toll Bridge or car by driving into Wilford Village.

You can find us on the map HERE or by using a SatNav to NG11 7AA.