There have been 3 main stages of development.

Stage 1 :  

The group negotiated with the Environment agency for them to install an access path, dipping  platform & two benches at the South East Corner of the pond, along with 3 (chair accessible) fishing pegs along the south eastern edge of the pond.

This work was paid for by the Environment Agency as part of their "Flood Alleviation Scheme"  to link the pond to the river by a channel. 

It was the proposal of this to the "Wilford Community Group" that encouraged us to form the group, as in their words they wanted to develop the pond and "was there anything else they could do to help this".

This enabled us to start our group's activities and bring about improvements and management to the pond.

Here are some pictures of this stage of the development.


Stage 2 :

The next stage of development enabled us to continue the path up the eastern edge of the pond, to the bridge over the channel, at that stage simple concrete " Stepping Stones ".

We were also able to include the installation of 3 new fishing platforms and these are also at path level and so are accessible by push chair and whee -chair users.

We were also able to install a wooden bridge to make crossing the channel easier.

Support and Funding for this was obtained from the Environment Agency.

Here are some pictures of this stage of the development.


Stage 3 :

Continuation of the path from the bridge over the channel to run alongside the Western edge of the pond and meet up with the access path.

We were successful in obtaining a grant to improve the access pathway and for the construction of 9 new platforms and steps along this western bank.

This project was funded through the Community Spaces programme which is being managed by Groundwork UK as an Award Partner to the Big Lottery Fund.

Community Spaces is part of the Big Lottery Fund’s Changing Spaces initiative.

Here are some pictures of this stage of the development.