Clean-Up Days & Volunteering


The group is run by volunteers and as so we could always do with more help.

If you can spare some time or would like to become an associate member of the group, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Clean-Up Days

Reinstating the new bin after some vandalism.


One of our new bins suddenly disappeared the day after it was installed by the council.

Later that day someone reported it was found in the pond.


Mick & Bill set about retrieving it and fixing it in place with concrete.

 Good as new.


Christmas 2011


Mick & Bill put a Christmas tree complete with green fairy lights on one of the floating fish refuge islands.

A bit of festive fun but there were some plastic items that needed retrieving from the middle of the pond.

July 2011

 Something stuck in the reeds

 with a bit of repair work this could be my new ride.

July 2009 

Volunteers from Nottingham University IT department helping out our group by clearing the area to the North of the pond.

This was a very overgrown area that had basically been used as a dumping ground for endless cans and bottles.

However, we had to clear the brambles first before we could get to the rubbish.

Thanks to all for their hard work.

 the teams all here, wet & tired but still smiling.

 getting stuck in.

 Valued contribution with Strimming from the Councils NEAT team.

 an example of what lies underneath the overgrown brambles.

 beer anyone ?


May 2009 - This time we concentrated on the pond & using the new waders, acquired with funding from the "Community Champions Grant".

 Bill in the pond with his waders on.

 all sorts of rubbish collected.

 Julian removing some larger items.

 some scrap metal found in the pond.

  other rubbish we got out.

 Shopping trolleys, but we never found out whose it was.



February 2009

 help accepted from anyone - even the smallest can do something.

 there's a path here somewhere, I'm sure.

 I think I've found the path.

  just some of the rubbish we removed.

 more scrap metal removed on the day.


Using the new multi-head strimmer
and safety equipment acquired as a result of a Community Foundation grant.

June 2008 - Our first big clean-up.

 Lots of scrap metal - old motor bikes 

   The pond was in a bad way.

 we think people & tradesmen had been dumping stuff here.

  not to mention years of using it as one large dustbin.

  the rubbish was everywhere and contained just about everything you can imagine.

  it took hard work, but several hours later. 

 we were left with a huge pile of rubbish, this is just the scrap metal.

 We removed over 30 bin-bags full of smaller items and put them for collection on the road adjacent to the pond.


Nottingham City Council's Street Clean Team were good enough to collect it.