Frequently asked questions that we have received and the answers below.

Is the pond open for fishing and walkers ?

Throughout the Covid Virus lockdown phases we have managed to keep the pond open for visitors and now is open for anglers as well. Durring this time the pond has become more and more popular and has greatly helped to maintain the health and wellbeing of many of its visitors. All we ask is that you are respectful and clear up you rubbish as you leave and that everybody helps keep the pond a nice place to visit by reporting any vandalism to the authorities, police, CPO's or committee.

Access to the pond is now fully DDI compliant for pushchair & wheelchair access via new paths very near to the original path at the South Western corner. The new access point can be found at the junction of Main Road and Coronation Avenue, opposite the Ferry Inn, adjacent to the new Wilford Tram stop and car park.

Is there a closed fishing season ?

No, with the pond being open to the river now, the same rules apply as on the river and so is open all year.

Do I need to become a member to fish at the pond ? 

YES, from the 1'st of April 2022 angling at the pond is allowed for members only.

Yearly memberships are available, Adults are £60 per year and All Concessions £30 (Juniors, OAP and Disabled)

Overnight fishing is allowed for members.

Please remember you will still need a "National Fishing License", obtained from the Post Office as well ( see Fishing & Membership ).

Has the tram affected the pond ?

There have been some changes both negative and positive but we feel on the whole changes have made for easier access with new paths down to the pond.

The tram developers have also created a new car mark nearest the tram stop which can be used for pond visitors.

Are there any fish in the pond ? 

Yes of course, many species of fish have been seen and caught in the pond eg. Tench, Perch, Bream, Pike and Common / Mirror carp ( see fish ). We have and are continuing to re stock the pond with several native species from time to time.

Can I walk around the pond easily?

Yes, in all but the wettest weather, gravel paths are available right round the pond, but at times when the pond and river levels become raised, the bridge over the channel at the northern end, nearest the river may become flooded and impassable but we are actively investigating installing a better bridge to give all year access.

Is there anywhere to sit and ponder a while ?

Yes, we have many picnic benches on the Western ban with other seating and benches around the pond banks where you can sit, watch the wildlife or just admire the views.

Is the pond accessible to wheelchair or pushchair users?

Yes the access ramp is DDI compliant and the paths have been carefully constructed of gravel and not too steep, although there is a wooden  bridge over the channel linking the pond to the river that requires a little more care.